Hand crafted Irish porcelain dolls carry on the rich history of Ireland. The work of St. Patrick, a widely celebrated figure from Irish history, can be found in the hand crafted Irish porcelain doll, Dominican. The superb quality of the materials, the fine attention to detail, and the historical accuracy of the Irish porcelain doll, Dominican will entice you, your family, and your friends to learn more, not only about her, but also about her birthplace and its rich and varied history.

There are as many different versions of the story of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, as there are people. He is credited with everything from introducing Christianity to Ireland to completely ridding the island of snakes. However, for all the varied and wonderful deeds he is credited with, very little is known about his actual life. We know he was taken captive as a teenager and worked as a shepherd while in captivity for about six years. It was during his period of captivity he deepened his religious beliefs, and turned to God.

He escaped his captors, returned to his native land and after many years of study, was ordained as a priest. Upon returning to Ireland he helped to spread the Christian word on the island of Ireland, ministering to the Christians already living there, and converting the Irish people. St. Patrick was widely known for combining traditional Irish symbols with the Christian symbols to ease the transition to the new religion for the native Irishmen, including superimposing a sun symbol, popular with the old religion of Ireland, onto the Christian cross. This is generally known as the birth of the Celtic cross.

St. Patrick and his deeds are celebrated worldwide, even today, on the anniversary of his death, March 17th. St. Patrick s work is still going strong in Ireland with a large percentage of the population practicing the Christian religion. His influence can even be seen in Irish porcelain dolls. One example of the historical influence of St. Patrick on porcelain dolls is the hand crafted Irish porcelain doll, Dominican.

The hand crafted Irish porcelain doll, Dominican celebrates the work of St. Patrick and the religion of this wonderful country. The delightful hand crafted Irish porcelain doll is dressed in a white gown, and traditional nun s habit. She is accessorized simply with a Celtic cross hanging from a chain around her neck. Her graceful stance and gentle smile will create a lifelong friend and confidante for every member of your family.

The gently calming habit and graceful stance seems to beckon you in for a soft hug, and a long private conversation. The hand crafted Irish porcelain doll, Dominican gives the impression she will hold your deepest darkest secrets until the end of time, without judging or condemning you. The hand crafted Irish porcelain doll, Dominican is also a wonderful addition to any collection of porcelain dolls. Her uniquely expressed demeanor and graceful charm is a tribute to the work of the historical figure of St. Patrick, and will add charm, poise, and a comforting presence to any collection of Irish porcelain dolls.

The exquisitely hand crafted Irish porcelain doll, Dominican, is created from the finest porcelain, and is costumed with materials specially created in Ireland. The fine details and historical accuracy create a hand crafted Irish porcelain doll ready to teach you and your family the triumphs of history or to listen to your secrets for hours. Many years of discovery and imaginative play can be had with the hand crafted Irish porcelain doll, Dominican. What can she teach you?